Richlyn Systems

Fullstack Developer

Richlyn was an small tech company located in Sheffield. It was a part of my sandwich year at University. After the sandwich year I was asked to come back during my final year of University to perform a maintenance role on existing projects in a part-time capacity.

I worked primarily on the development and delivery of two major projects. The first was the internal Project Management system using the following programming languages:

  • AngularJS, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, SQL, LESS and Bootstrap.

Sole responsibility for the front-end development on β€˜NSSport’ – a public-facing e-commerce site, using the following programming languages:

  • AngularJS, ES6 JavaScript, LESS and Gulp.
  • Contributed to early design and core UX decisions.
  • Responsible for client engagement.
  • Assisted Lead Developer with the REST API and server development and implementation, which used .NET Core v2.

I also (unfortunately) Maintained legacy code which used Web Forms, SQL and jQuery.

Sadly, Richlyn dissolved in 2020. Thanks for all the memories!