Hey I'm Harry πŸ‘‹

Web enthusiast with a passion for building things. Serial entrepreneur with 3 companies founded in the last 4 years. Tens of pivots and plenty of failures along the way, I am decidedly driven and fabulously ambitious.

My specialisation is in front-end development coupled with a good eye for design and proficient knowledge of how users interact with interfaces (UX).

I pride myself on writing code that is easy to read, understand and communicate. I'm a big fan of the Unix philosophy and believe that code should be modular, reusable and easy to test.

Born and bred Londoner, currently based in Berlin.

I like to play football, read fantasy and history novels, support Crystal Palace and travel the world. I love to eat Italian, Indian and Lebanese food.

Some of my favourite books include: A Storm of Swords, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The Lord of the Rings, All Quiet on the Western Front, Jane Eyre, The Road, The Shining, The Forgotten Soldier.



Co-founder & CTO

May 2019 β€” Present


I co-founded and run lingly, an integrated booking and payments platform for language professionals.

As the sole technical co-founder, I make all technical decisions to lead the product and team down the most optimal route to reach product-market-fit.

lingly is a monolithic web app built using Next.js, TypeScript, Prisma (SQL), Jotai, and ChakraUI. We integrate with Google Calendar and leverage Stripe's low-code platform to offer a seamless booking and payment platform for language tutors.


Co-founder & CIO

December 2020 β€” Present


workauto is SaaS that is built to help automobile garages scale their business with efficient task and customer control.

workauto is a full-stack web-app built using Next.js, Nest.js, MongoDb and Vercel.

542 Digital

Senior React Developer

Sep 2021 β€” Present


I was contracted to oversee and assist in an architectural shift away from the existing vanilla JS React codebase. I co-led the front-end team and introduced best practices in not just code quality but also processes and documentation, ensuring we were producing scalable and efficient financial dashboards for the World Gold Council.

During my time at 542 I spearheaded:


Full Stack Developer

Mar 2021 β€” Mar 2022


Gillett Limited

Full Stack Developer

Sep 2020 β€” Aug 2021



Front End Developer

Oct 2019 β€” Dec 2020


I worked primarily as a front-end developer in close collaboration with a designer and the marketing team. I was responsible for maintaining and expanding Winton's suite of front-facing products, including:

Tech stack included: React, Redux, SCSS, TypeScript, Angular, .NET Core, SQL, Azure

Richlyn Systems

Junior Full Stack Developer

Jul 2017 β€” Feb 2019


My first technical role outside of university saw me as the sole responsibility for the front-end development on β€˜NSSport’ – a public-facing e-commerce site, using the following:


BEng Software Engineering - 1st Class Honours

Sheffield Hallam University

Sep 2015 β€” Jun 2019


My final year modules consisted of:

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